Sembcorp Energy UK (SEUK) intends to develop a 360MW battery at its Wilton International location in Teesside as part of its increasing battery storage portfolio. Following negotiations at the COP26 summit, this breakthrough does mark a big step forward by SEUK in supporting the UK’s Net Zero ambitions, ensuring the energy network’s resilience, and allowing for the continued growth of renewables.

Sembcorp Energy UK has accessible land and connections at the Wilton International facility, allowing for quick installation of the batteries, that will be installed in tranches. SEUK now owns and runs 70MW of batteries, with another 50MW in the works and set to go live in early 2022. The units, which are part of one of the UK’s largest battery portfolios, can provide power as well as other services to national grid in milliseconds, which is critical for maintaining a safe and reliable energy system which will facilitate the UK’s low-carbon transition.

SEUK’s ambitions for expanding its battery portfolio, as well as the first-of-its-kind 300MW net-zero emissions facility, Whitetail Clean Energy, revealed in July 2021, align with solutions which support a cleaner future. If all of these plans materialize, SEUK’s total energy portfolio will be over 1.6GW, with batteries accounting for about half of that.

“Now, more than ever, the flexible energy sources serve an increasingly vital role in sustaining safe and reliable energy supplies,” said Andy Koss, CEO of Sembcorp Industries’ UK & Middle East division. Sembcorp Energy UK is dedicated to accelerating the energy transition using sustainable solutions such as batteries, as the UK’s reliance on renewables grows. Teesside’s green regeneration, as well as position as a centre of low-carbon innovation in North East, are also bolstered by the installation of 360MW of the batteries at Wilton International.”

“This is excellent news which further cements our region’s reputation as ground zero towards net-zero,” Tees Valley Mayor Ben Houchen remarked.  As we develop the crucial technologies needed to bring the UK net-zero by 2050, this investment is going to add 70 healthier, cleaner, and safer jobs to the hundreds we are now delivering across Teesside, Darlington, and Hartlepool. Teessiders’ creativity has fueled the invention of new technology since the Industrial Revolution. This news, which will see the construction of Europe’s largest battery on Wilton site, sends a clear message: “Come to Teesside if you want to spearhead low-carbon innovation.”

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