INDIEV, a business that specializes in designing the next generation of electric vehicles, has announced that pre-orders for its flagship vehicle, the INDI One, will begin in the first quarter of this year. The INDI One is a smart electric car featuring the industry’s first Vehicle Integrated Computer (VIC), which is a supercomputer competent in content creation, gaming and blockchain capabilities, which will undoubtedly broaden the horizons of how an electric vehicle may improve the driving experience.

“At INDIEV, we noticed a mismatch in the software experience when people go from utilizing their phones and computers to getting into their automobiles,” explains Andre Hudson, INDIEV’s Head of Design. “With INDI One, we recognized a chance to close this gap and increase what your vehicle can achieve. We think of cars as more than just a source of transportation; they’re also a tool that can help you live a better life.”

The INDI One’s variety of capabilities, including surfing the web, video chatting, streaming, and triple-A gaming via VR headsets for the backseats, garnered an overwhelmingly enthusiastic response at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas last week. A HALO driver assistant system also gathers all directional alerts in one area, reducing the likelihood of an accident. At CES, the business also stated that each INDI One vehicle will be able to operate as a blockchain node, allowing every driver, user, and owner to gain from all blockchain transactions.

The INDI One costs $45,000 and comes with a modularized 95KW battery with a 300-mile range and 410 horsepower, as well as stylish design elements like a slanting top, flush-mounted door handles, plus aerodynamically tuned 22-inch wheels. Early in 2023, the first batch of INDI One deliveries is planned to be completed.

Chief Executive Officer Shi Hai, who is a mobile gaming entrepreneur with more than 20 years of expertise in 3D gaming and software technology, established INDIEV. Hai has exploited his relationships in many Asian locations to keep INDIEV’s corporate structure compact while also acquiring batteries and semiconductors from major Asian producers, having steered his prior firms from young businesses to IPO status.

INDIEV is a company based in Los Angeles, California that focuses on the development of the next generation of EVs. The INDI One is the company’s first model, a smart electric vehicle featuring the industry’s first Vehicle Integrated Computer (VIC), a supercomputer competent in blockchain technology, AAA gaming, content creation, and more. To support creative pursuits, the INDIEV ecosystem includes a portfolio of game engine technologies, content development, worldwide publication, hardware, mobile platforms, SIM cards, and VR products.

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