Sarayönü is among the few towns in Turkey that have changed its energy usage largely to solar power, demonstrating that renewables can be used for all energy needs. The town of Konya, in the central province of Konya, currently relies totally on solar energy for infrastructure and electricity generation for municipal buildings. In addition, they were able to reduce carbon emissions, which is critical given the current climate issue.

The solar power facility in the town of 27,000 inhabitants, which produces 999 kilowatts of electricity every hour, meets the energy needs of all municipal institutions in 26 neighborhoods. Only roughly 60% of the energy produced by the plant is enough to run the lighting poles that illuminate the town’s streets. Selling excess energy generation to a commercial electricity distribution business also benefits the municipality financially. They opted to invest in the facility for “future generations,” according to Mayor Nafiz Solak. “We need a clean future, and renewable energy is the only way to get there,” Solak informed Anadolu Agency (AA).

The project saved the town millions of dollars in electricity costs because of its 3,008 solar panels. Solak stated that they are now planning to build a new factory. “The current plant supplies electricity to the municipality’s lighting poles, facilities, workshops, and quarries. We use the proceeds from electricity sales to fund new investments “he stated Sarayönü is also host to privately owned wind turbines, which the mayor claims are well-supported.

“We have reaped numerous benefits from the solar power plant. For example, we’ve noticed a big increase in air quality. It is crucial in terms of reducing our reliance on nonrenewable energy supplies “Added he.

Konya is an attractive location for solar power facilities due to its arid climate and bright weather for most of the year. The province is also home to Kalyon Holding’s country’s largest power plant, which saw its first phase finished last year. When fully operational, the project will be the largest solar power facility in Europe and among the top five in the world. With 7,154 megawatts (MW) of solar capacity, Turkey is currently ranked 13th globally and eighth in Europe.

By 2023, Turkey wants two-thirds of its electricity to come from renewable sources, although it has invested less in the wind and solar power than other Mediterranean countries. Beyond 2023, Turkey needs a renewable energy plan that covers transportation, heating, and cooling, industry, as well as electricity generation.

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