The striking transitions from Sálvame to Informativos Telecinco have once again surprised the network’s viewers. They had not been produced for a long time, and on previous occasions they had as protagonists the news presenters Pedro Piqueras or Roberto Fernández . This time it was Alba Lago , the journalist in charge of conducting the nightly informational space during this month of August.

It is not the first time that the collaborators of Sálvame behave on set in a way that contrasts with the moment in which the presenter or presenter on duty gives way to the news program.

Last Monday, the set of the program became a disco in which two of his collaborators, Anabel Pantoja and Lydia Lozano , danced as a duet . The first had just learned that she would be one of the guests of The Last Supper , the Telecinco program presented by Paz Padilla and that last Thursday she had Lydia Lozano and Laura Fa as guests to cook.

“We’re leaving, tomorrow, more information on Laura and Lydia’s partner, see you tomorrow,” Kiko Hernández said goodbye to the camera while Anabel Pantoja continued dancing in the foreground .

At that time, with the camera split in two, the journalist Alba Lago maintained the type before starting the newscast, with the music from the set of Sálvame in the background.

📹 Anabel Pantoja dancing flat in the new crazy step from ‘Sálvame’ to ‘Informativos Telecinco’ #yoveosalvame

– Tele Tweets (@teletuits) August 23, 2021
” How are you? Good evening . The big bottles and street parties during summer nights experience a twist in San Sebastián,” Lago began at the beginning of Informativos Telecinco .

By Sam Brad

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