One of the risks that workers face in their workplace is to suffer an accident at work. Obviously, your profession matters a lot: an office worker is not likely to take the same risk as a construction worker. The differences between professions are therefore obvious.

The Ministry of Labor has compiled in a report the first data on occupational accidents so far in 2021. Only those that took place from January to July have been collected , a period in which there were 317,258 work accidents with sick leave compared to the 263,434 of 2020, that is, 20.4% more.

This statistic includes the work accidents suffered by employees and the self-employed and includes both accidents in the workplace and accidents ‘in itinere’, that is, those that occurred on the way to that workplace.

Manufacturing industry workers suffered the most accidents with sick leave , with a total of 50,567 events. After this sector, that of construction, in which 44,521 work accidents were recorded that caused sick leave. In the last position of this unfortunate podium, the sector of the trade and repair of vehicles, which added 36,889 accidents at work.

Already below, the following sectors with the most workers who suffered accidents were administrative activities and auxiliary services (28,652), health activities and social services (26,358), transport and storage (19,255), agriculture, livestock and fishing (17,951), the hotel industry (16,259) and the Public Administration, Defense and Social Security (13,919).

Of the more than 317,000 accidents recorded, more than a third were dislocations, sprains and strains (139,568), the leading cause of sick leave. It is followed by superficial wounds and injuries (102,646), bone fractures (27,683), and internal concussions and injuries (22,326).

These injuries were also caused by specific events. The most common form of injury , according to the report, was overexertion of the musculoskeletal system , with a total of 90,173 accidents. Closely followed by collisions with a stationary object (87,336) and later by collisions with a moving object or collisions (44,315), traffic accidents (32,364) and accidents with sharp, pointed or hard objects (27,788 ).

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