Pablo Iglesias wants to continue expanding his horizon away from the front line of politics. A month ago, the former second vice president of the Government reappeared in the media combining his collaborations on the radio (Cadena SER and Rac1) and in the written press ( Gara and Ara ) together with his teaching at the university and the presidency of the 25M Institute.

Well, now, the co-founder of Podemos has in mind to produce television series. This has been recognized in an interview with the Argentine program La Slate. “Have you ever reviewed a script? Have you ever been involved in a project to make movies, movies? …? I think you have never said it in public, nor have I listened to it in private,” asks the presenter Alfredo Serrano.

“I’m in some [projects], but this is top secret. I can’t tell you anything,” Iglesias replies with a smile, to which the interviewer laments to cross-examine: “But are you working on it, at least?” “Yes, yes, I’m working on it. I really feel like it and, in addition, I have friends with whom we are conspiring and working on it. Let’s see if any of the projects in which we are going ahead,” says the politician.

Pablo Iglesias wants to be a producer of television series
Immediately afterwards, Serrano puts on the table the Chilean series Héroes invisibles . “Their producers are in Madrid now because they want to do something else. They want to make a biopic of Salvador Allende and they were looking for partners here and they contacted me and such,” says Iglesias, who does not clarify if he will get involved in the production of this project.

During the interview, Iglesias assures that he is very interested in series that reflect certain historical realities. Everyone knows his passion for series. The former leader of the purple formation came to recommend several during his time in the Executive. Some of them are Baron Noir, The Good Fight, House Of Cards and Inhuman Appeals.

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