The tour bus that overturned around 600 am on Saturday 13 and left six dead had its licenses up to date but did not have the ANTT National Land Transport Agency permission for interstate travel The police are investigating whether the driver was trying to arrive in Paraty illegally

Among the victims of the vehicle overturning on the Oswaldo Cruz highway in a stretch in the São Luiz do Paraitinga region in the interior of São Paulo there was a child the drivers daughter According to initial information from the Fire Department at least 48 people were injured and were referred to emergency rooms nearby

The survivors describe the despair at the time of the accident We were thrown from the other floor to the outside that despair that screaming says one of the passengers Nobody expects such a situation reports another The family is devastated the mother is very physically and psychologically injured says Solange Machado a friend of the drivers family

The bus left São Paulo bound for Ubatuba and overturned at km 75 of the highway along the mountain range ten firefighters and a Military Police helicopter provided support The road was completely closed during the work of the firefighters and Samu

According to the firefighters 48 victims were rescued and taken to the emergency room in Ubatuba nine to the Hospital Regional de Taubaté and three to São Luiz do Paraitinga About 12 people were unharmed from the accident the corporation said.

In a statement Santa Casa de Ubatuba reported that it has treated 48 victims of the accident so far one died The direction of the philanthropic hospital prioritized care for the victims of the accident and for this reason it is only attending to emergency cases The other cases are being referred to the Ipiranguinha Health Unit The visits were also suspended says the statement.

The Municipality of Ubatuba informed that it mobilized professionals from Santa Casa Civil Defense Metropolitan Guard Samu in addition to the departments of Health Social Welfare and Public Security to provide support to the victims

Flavia Pascoal mayor of Ubatuba called the mayor of Caraguatatuba Jose Pereira de Aguilar Junior who is also providing support for the operation to assist victims

On behalf of the mayor of Caraguatatuba who has helped us early on seeking ways for the transfers of victims to be consolidated to the Regional of Caraguatatuba with quality and preserving lives I want to thank the mayors of the region who are being very supportive he said Flavia.

According to the company responsible for the tour bus a medical team from the insurance company is in contact with the hospitals to provide assistance to the victims The company claimed that the bus had been chartered for a hitch and return trip.

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