The governor of São Paulo João Doria and the former mayor of Manaus Arthur both contesting the PSDBs nomination for the Presidency of the Republic joined forces against the third candidate governor Eduardo Leite in a note that repudiates the proposal for postponement of the previews scheduled for six days from now.

The hard tone of the document signals the intensification of the dispute which promises to leave aftereffects and is already undermining the internal relations in the subtitle.

Both called the postponement of the caucuses immoral and unacceptable and classified the initiative as electoral casuistry.

The experience adopted by the PSDB offers numerous reliable alternatives for holding the elections within the agreed deadline that is November 21 they declare And they conclude Elections are not postponed Elections take place

Through a social network Leite denied that he wanted the postponement And it reacted to the attack of coreligionists and adversaries There is no information that our campaign has proposed to postpone the PSDB previews he published It doesnt make sense for us to postpone the decision in a process in which we work with absolute confidence in the victory We want all affiliates with the app in hand and deciding on the PSDBs future on the 21st.

The episode marks the worst moment of the internal crisis that has settled in the tucano nest since the two governors and the former mayor started the dispute for the party nomination And it is the most serious sign so far that the legend is heading towards the split and will likely encounter difficulties for reunification after the caucuses The scenario compromises the partys chances of making a thirdway candidacy viable as an alternative to the polarization between Bolsonaro and Lula.

The PSDB lives the continuation of the political decline from the sequence of electoral defeats in the disputes for the Planalto a situation that had its peak in the poor performance of Geraldo Alckmin in 2018.

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