Mexico protests against police repression after the death of an arrested. The young man, who was beaten to death by the agents, had been arrested for not wearing a mask.

Dozens of Mexicans protested this Friday in Jalisco (west) to show solidarity with the more than a hundred young people who were beaten, deprived of liberty and imprisoned by agents of the Prosecutor’s Office when they demonstrated for the death of Giovanni López at the hands of the police in June 2020.

In the midst of strategies of social isolation, López was beaten to death while in the custody of police from the municipality of Ixtlahuacán, who imprisoned him for not wearing a mask on the street, one of the mandatory preventive measures against the pandemic imposed by the governor. from Jalisco, Enrique Alfaro.

The death of López, a construction worker, gave rise to several days of protests that led to riots and the arrest of at least 28 young people who were severely beaten by municipal policeand state. In addition, some 80 young people were detained by alleged hooded policemen who beat them, robbed them and put them in unofficial vans and then abandoned them in neighborhoods on the outskirts of Guadalajara, as documented by the State Human Rights Commission a year ago.

This Thursday the protesters remembered the victims and demanded that all the members of the Prosecutor’s Office involved be processed, who say they could not act without the direct order of the head of the agency, Gerardo Octavio Solís and Governor Alfaro.

“They came out to intimidate all the protesters, even the people passing by were sprayed with gas; the next day they sent elements of the prosecutor’s office to lift about 100 people, and the governor all he did was demarcate. It is not possible that these police commanders send themselves “, said Pilar Monsiváis, one of the protesters.

The protesters reached the gates of the government palace and demanded the removal of Governor Alfaro. Hours earlier, the state president reiterated on social networks his argument that the demonstrations were manipulated by political groups and were a “direct attack on the institutions” to “generate instability and violence” in the state. He pointed out that the events will not go unpunished and the police officers and prosecutors responsible receive their punishment. ”

The policemen who killed Giovanni are behind bars , likewise those responsible for the events that occurred outside the Prosecutor’s Office are also detained, their fates are in the hands of justice and the corresponding authorities will determine the responsibility of each one of them. them and, where appropriate.

By Ron Wills

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