An armed attack in Colombia leaves five dead, two of them policemen. In addition to the three civilians killed, there are three others wounded by rifle shots.

At least five people , three civilians and two policemen, were killed in an armed attack against a patrol that was carrying out registration and control tasks in the Colombian municipality of Santander de Quilichao, in the troubled department of Cauca (southwest), sources reported this Friday. officers.

Defense Minister Diego Molano said that police patrolmen María Isabel Ángulo, 20, and Carlos Delgado Jiménez, were attacked with rifle shots , while they were in a neighborhood of Santander de Quilichao, the second most important city. del Cauca after its capital, Popayán. That “atrocious event also left three civilians dead and three more wounded , who are receiving medical assistance,” according to the minister on his Twitter account.

The Colombian Police investigate mass murders.

Armed attacks in Colombia leave three civilians and two policemen dead
For his part, the director of the Colombian Police, General Jorge Luis Vargas, explained that the uniformed men were attacked by armed men who got out of a vehicle and “without a word fired at the patrol.” He recalled that in that area of ​​the country there is a presence of guerrillas from the FARC dissidents and explained that the authorities offer a reward of up to 100 million pesos (about $ 28,000) for information that allows locating those responsible for the attack.

The Institute of Studies for Development and Peace (Indepaz) reported that the murdered civilians responded to the names of Beatriz Elena Cano, 35; Aleida Perafán, 54 years old; and Juan David Guegue, 21 , an authority from a U’kawe’sx indigenous reservation in the area. It is, according to this organization, the 42 massacre that has taken place in Colombia so far this year and that has left 158 ​​victims.

Regarding what happened today, the German ambassador to Colombia, Peter Ptassek, said on social networks that he condemned “these acts of violence, as we condemn all forms of violence, none leads to anything good and even less, to a better future.”

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